FIFA 14 High Potential Players Guide for Career Mode

By Kasey McLean | Nov 19, 2013 | 6,837 Reads

fifa 14 high potential players

One of the most exciting aspects of playing Career Mode in FIFA 14 is the ability to use the Global Transfer Network to scout, pursue, and ultimately sign the high potential players you need to make the best squad possible as you move forward each year. 

The new Global Transfer Network give FIFA 14 players that added bit of realism into Career Mode, which makes signing players a bit more interesting than in years past. Over the course of a player's career, they can become better or worse depending on age and use. Bring in a young player and give him the opportunity to play week in and week out with your team, and you'll likely see him improve with each passing year. 

Using your scouts effectively to find good cheap talent can do wonders for your squad both on the pitch and in the boardroom. 

We've put together several guides to bring you the best FIFA 14 high potential players in one convenient source. From high potential youth players to high potential strikers

1) FIFA 14 High Potential Centre Backs

An integral part of every formation as you will start at least two, the centre-back position is one of the most important in FIFA 14. If goalscoring isn't your forte or you don't have a world-class striker, preventing the opposition from scoring is the best way to get results. 

Unfortunately, many of the top centre-backs in FIFA 14 are tied to major European clubs and are therefore quite difficult to purchase unless you can fork out the massive transfer fees the clubs will be requesting. This article will take a look at some centre-backs who won't start out with an overall rating comparable to Vincent Kompany, Sergio Ramos or Thiago Silva, but through a couple seasons of growth and experience, these centre-halves will solidify your defense for years to come.... (continue reading)

2) FIFA 14 High Potential Strikers

There may be no more influential, or more expensive, position in FIFA than striker. Having a world-class centre-forward can transform your team as despite possible defensive failings, you can always rely on your No. 9 to be a danger. 

Certain formations can necessitate specific positions while leaving out others, but striker, much like centre-back, is a feature in every formation in FIFA, making it an indispensable position and one you should look to invest in... (continue reading)

3) FIFA 14 High Potential Attacking Midfielders

Central attacking midfielder is a position loaded with talent in FIFA as some of the game's best players including Mesut Ozil, Isco, Juan Mata and Mario Gotze ply their trade in that role. It's a fixture in a number of formations including the attacking alternative to the 4-3-3, the ever-popular 4-2-3-1 and even the 3-5-2. 

This article will take a look at some central attacking midfielders who grow to be top quality players. Please note that the ratings discussed will reflect those from the most recent update of FIFA. Also, remember that these potentials are merely based on computer simulations and should you buy a player and give him consistent playing time, he'll often grow to a higher overall rating than is deemed by his potential... (continue reading)

4) FIFA 14 High Potential Youngsters

In this article, you'll find a list of players—all rated 75 or below—who have high potential ratings (84 or above), who, if you buy them quickly, could take your club to the next level in the span of a few seasons. 

The overall ratings and potentials are courtesy of FIFA database SOFIFA. These databases tabulate a player's data based on computer simulations, so if you do in fact buy the player and give him minutes, he will grow to a rating higher than what SOFIFA deems his potential ceiling... (continue reading)

5) FIFA 14 High Potential Left and Right Midfielders

Traditional side midfielders aren't very common in today's football as fewer and fewer teams are utilizing formations such as the diamond midfield or classic 4-4-2 that include the position. However, in FIFA, the user has loads of formation options to choose from and should they favor one of the aforementioned formations, or any permutation of the five-man midfield, left and right midfielders are invaluable members of that set-up.... (continue reading)

6) FIFA 14 Career Mode Best Cheap Strikers

We've put together a list of some of the best players throughout the game in several different articles that can all be viewed in our FIFA 14 High Potential Players Guide. 

In today's article, however, we take a look at some of the best cheap strikers a user can find in the game to help bolster their squad straight away. Click the button below to start the slideshow...(continue reading)

Be sure to favorite this article and use it as a resource in the future when looking to build the perfect FIFA 14 Career Mode team. We'll continue adding more and more articles here to make this a resource you won't want to forget. 

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