Liverpool: Kenny Dalglish Would Take Wembley Trip Over a top Four Place

By Bharath Ram | Sep 20, 2013 | 50 Reads


There have been very few cases of players and managers, who are considered as legends at a club, being successful in their second spell. There are the Jupp Heynckes', but the likes of Kevin Keegan are more common. Kenny Dalglish has been added to the latter after his disappointing spell with Liverpool a few seasons ago. Dalglish is regarded in the highest esteem possible by Liverpool fans. It was one of the reasons for not many voices asking for his head before he eventually left Liverpool in 2012.

Dalglish came to the club for a second spell in charge, but it is widely perceived that the club went a step backwards in terms of league. This is because many believed Dalglish would get Liverpool back into the top four and the Champions League. However, Liverpool fell from bad to worse as they finished in the eighth position, which marks one of their lowest ever league finishes in recent decades.

Despite these shortcomings, fans were able to rejoice for their first piece of silverware – the Carling Cup – in six years and an appearance in the FA Cup final during his reign.

This, Dalglish believes, makes his second spell at the club as not so disappointing, but is it? In his autobiography, parts of which have been quoted by the Daily Mirror, Dalglish says that he would quite happily trade of between the Carling Cup victory and an appearance in the FA Cup final.

Dalglish said:

"What those boys achieved in 2012 was fantastic. To win the Carling Cup and to get to an FA Cup final was beyond any expectations.
"People will turn around and say we finished eighth in the league, but how many points would you swap for three Wembley trips?
"It might be more rewarding to qualify in Europe after finishing fourth, but who remembers that game when you finished fourth to get there?
"Yes, I would have loved to have finished fourth and I would have loved to have won the Champions League and won the Premier League, but it was never going to be achieved overnight."

The FA Cup still remains as one of the prestigious tournaments, but it is fast losing its significance alongside the Premier League and Champions League. The least said about the Carling Cup is better because it is being increasingly viewed as a trophy for the mid-table teams.

Anfield has experienced several great European nights, and fans would love to be back in the competition once again. Players want it and fans love it, yet somehow Dalglish seems to rate the Carling Cup win more rather than acknowledging his failure.



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